With today's uncertain times more and more people are experiencing difficulty in making important life choices

in matters of the Heart, Business and Career, Finances and Family Life. Consulting a Psychic can better prepare you to make those choices with more confidence and clarity

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TV Appearances and live on screen Crystal Energy Meditation with Denise Plant

Services Offered


From Basic Palm and Card Reading to Spiritual Meditations and Regression Techniques to Cleans Negative Energies   



I have been a Psychic for more that 30 Years and specialize in several different areas as well as being a Spiritual Life Coach



I was Born and Raised in Louisiana but have traveled to many locations to expand my abilities and further my Gift

Cenla Psychic Center

My Services


  • Palm Reading
  • Tarot Card reading
  • Crystal Ball Reading 
  • Psychometry 
  • Spiritual Energy Meditations
  • Spiritual Regression and            Cleansing 
  • Crystal Healing Sessions 
  • Spiritual Life Coach
  • ​Ordained Minister

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Hello and Welcome to my​ Website.

I am Doreen, A Psychic, Palm and Card Reader, Ordained Minister and Spiritual Life Coach

I am a Natural Psychic, which means I have never had to study my art but naturally developed my skills as a Psychic from a very early age. The Gift as I like to call it, has been with my Family for many generations and passed through to me 

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Welcome to Louisiana's Premier Psychic and Spiritual Life Coach